My Most Heartbreaking Sneaker Stories

The end of a relationship is never easy, but a footwear mishap always feels like a break up for a sneaker collector. Just a few days ago, Valentine’s Day was supposed to be a celebration of passion, but for many it awakens feelings of loss, desire, and lost opportunity. So I’m going to write about life, lack of stress and shoe-related setbacks today. In honor of the feelings in the air this season.

The introduction of the Nike Air Yeezy II, June 9, 2012. The second model launched from one of the most iconic partnerships in the history of sneakers is the Nike Air Yeezy II NRG. It is the last kick that Kanye West co-designed with the brand and undeniably helped the shoe to reach its popular popularity in the world of sneakers through its fame and status. No need for a long backstory, but just know everybody wanted them and almost everyone missed out, including yours truly.

It began at 7 a.m. with 7 tabs open on my web browser, just to have them several times in my cart, but to no avail. Shortly after that, I went to a raffle at my local place, and struck out when two of my friends walked away with a handful. This morning was a tough one. Later that night, when the link went out, I was watching a Miami Heat game with a room of friends. I immediately declared that I would pay $100 just for assistance to anyone who secured them. They weren’t people with shoes and had no idea about the resale value.

We all tried feverishly at my table until they were sold out and we all struck out. At that moment and time, I was probably too young to be drinking, but that night I had a couple extra shots of Henny and sent out a few salty tweets. That night didn’t end well as I ended up vomiting my guts up in my friend’s bathroom. That night, I learned my lesson: it’s never that deep and I need to just chill out sometimes. However, that release sure got the best of me.

I had a sneakerhead heart torn into my chest for two years. I hadn’t even seen it coming, but it hurt me even more. It was the release of the ‘Galaxy’ of Foamposite One and it would forever alter my relationship with sneakers forever. I come from the age of waiting for sneakers in line. Those days were long gone, but there was nothing like the latest shoe game we had seen before. Everything was limited supplies, purposeful misinformation, and shoe queues hundreds of sneakerheads deep. This was how the game was playing out now, and I wasn’t ready to get played in my pursuit of a sneaker.

Lines had begun to shape more than a week prior to the release date of the sneaker. The ‘Foamposite One’ was not the only sneaker that fell on that day, it was one of many sneakers released as part of the annual festivities of the NBA All-Star Game. For some days, I could not wait in front of a store only to find out that the store wouldn’t have the shoes available for sale. Like a bloodhound, I canvassed Lynchburg, VA. Each store I found at was either already crowded with ram or completely empty because the store clerks said they weren’t going to have the shoes in stock. I didn’t get the sneaker at all. I was one day late and my efforts were a dollar short.

Almost all of us have been through a heartbreak, whether it was with your cat, another human, or even a pair of sneakers. It can be tough to have to withdraw from something you really care about. The best thing to do is to have the confidence to keep going and note that with time, things get better.

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