Top 10 Sneakers of all Time (10-6)

#10 Air Jordan XI “Space Jam”

The Air Jordan Retro XI, also known as the “Space Jam” shoe, were Jordan’s shoes for the 1995 NBA Playoffs. The Orlando Magic beat the Chicago Bulls in that year’s playoffs. People became increasingly interested in the brand after it was featured in the 1996 film Space Jam. It received a lot of publicity after its initial release in2000, and it was expected to be re-released in December 2016.

#9 Air Jordan I “Bred”

The Air Jordan 1 was released by Nike, and it came in three colors: white, black, and red. This was a kind of retaliation for Michael Jordan being fined by the NBA after he wore the red and black Air Jordans. The new edition of the shoe comes in a variety of colors that are different from those used on NBA uniforms. The re-released version drew a lot of interest and was a big hit on the market.

#8 Air Jordan XI “Concord”

This is one of Tinker Hatfield’s finest Jordan basketball shoe designs. The concept was unveiled at a time when many people believed Nike and the NBA were on their way out. Hatfield ignored the rumors and concentrated on the design. Surprisingly, the Air Jordan Concord was built with standard outing shoes and a lawnmower in mind. Even after the concept was finalized, Nike had no interest in promoting it. Hatfield requested that they deliver it to Michael Jordan, but they declined, despite the fact that the shoe developed a lot of interest in the market.

#7 Air Jordan VI “Infrared”

The Air Jordan VI Infrared is without a doubt a standout pair. These were the same shoes that Michael Jordan wore when he first won a championship. Michael Jordan earned the Finals MVP in them, making the Jordan VI Infrared even more legendary. These shoes have a striking all-black look with gleaming infrared accents and a transparent outsole. The VI’s rear “wing” was inspired by the Porsche, and this was the first vehicle to use it. This concept, which is based on the design of different sports cars, has been the Jordan VIs’ main selling point to this day.

#6 Air Jordan IV “Bred”

As we get closer to the top of our top 10 Jordan shoes list, they become more and more entwined with Michael Jordan’s legacy. Jordan’s black Air Jordan IVs became popular after he celebrated his game-winning shot over Cleveland Cavaliers’ Craig Ehlo. The shoe and the brand as a whole were propelled by this single shot.

The Air Jordans are the G.O.A.T., just like Mike. As a business, Jordan has grown to the point that they can now release more than two pairs of shoes each year. The Jordan brand has grown into an independent apparel line after massive success with the Air Jordans. Stay tuned for next week’s blog. I will be rounding out my top 10 list with my top 5 Jordans of all time.

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