Top 10 Sneakers (5-1)

#5 Air Jordan III “White Cement”

The Jordan III was released in an attempt to diversify Jordans by catering to both sporting and fashion needs. The style features a 34-cut that could be beneficial for basketball fans on the court as well as at home. The Air Jordan III was the first to feature Visible Air and to be distributed by Mars Blackmon. Following its publication, this shoe gained a large following.

#4 Air Jordan IV “UNDFTD”

Since its inception, the Air Jordan Retro IV UNDFTD (Undefeated out of California) has been one of the most successful Jordan launches. The main inspiration for this shoe is the “Flight” idea, and the only way to get one after it was released was via a raffle. This shoe even has a tongue that can be removed.

Just 72 pairs of the Air Jordan Retro IV UNDFTD are available. As of the time of printing, it was worth $5,500 USD.

#3 Air Jordan XI “Bred”

The Air Jordan XI was released in 1996 and is unquestionably a major winner, ranking among the best shoes the Jordan brand has ever released. The Jordan XI has an all-black upper and a red outsole, a design that helped propel the shoe’s sales. The Air Jordan XI became one of the most well-known sneakers of all time. It can be extremely difficult to find a clean pair of this model more than 25 years after its publication. If you’re looking for the Air Jordan XI in “Bred,” Ebay is your best bet.

#2 Air Jordan III “Black Cement”

If we didn’t have the Air Jordan III in Black and Cement, our list will be incomplete. This is one of the most well-known Jordans of all time. What makes this shoe unique is the story behind what inspired its creation.

Tinker Hatfield designed this to help improve Nike’s relationship with Michael Jordan. This is the style that has survived to the present day. It’s also worth noting that Nike’s main design team wasn’t present at the moment. Michael came up with the concept of incorporating his athlete’s personality into each shoe’s design. This shoe is still regarded by many fans as the most beautiful combination of technology and style.

#1 Air Jordan I “Chicago”

The Air Jordan 1 was a massive risk for Nike, a multibillion-dollar corporation. They had to keep their word after signing Jordan to a big contract and promising him a signature shoe and other perks. Many people still wear Jordan 1s today because they are classy and stylish. Originals are still available today, but they’ll set you back a pretty penny, particularly if they’re brand new.

As a business, Jordan has grown to the point that they can now release more than two pairs of shoes each year. The Jordan brand has grown into an independent apparel line after massive success with the Air Jordans. Michael Jordan’s impact and popularity on basketball has now tripled from what it was during his playing days, and it all started with the Air Jordans.

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