Most Iconic Sneakers of All Time

The first rubber-soled shoes, which appeared in the 1800s, were created to meet the needs of athletes who needed lightweight and durable footwear. Since then, shoes, like a pair of shoelaces, have been inextricably linked to the world of sports. In reality, a pivotal moment — or figure — in sports history was often usedContinue reading “Most Iconic Sneakers of All Time”

Some of the Most Rarest Sneakers Ever

Since the sneaker world is full of one-offs and limited editions, I decided to compile a list of the rarest sneakers available. I’ve got everything from Yeezy to ASICS to bespoke Air Jordans 1s covered. Take a look at some of the world’s most valuable shoes down below. Nike Air Yeezy 1 ‘Grammy’ Kanye WestContinue reading “Some of the Most Rarest Sneakers Ever”